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Vintage Styling Tips

Our top tips for shopping  TheCC vintage:

  • Ignore sizes. Sizes are not consistent throughout every decade but don't let large sizes detour you, you may never see the item anywhere else again. In purchasing vintage you won't always find your actual size so it is important to invest in a personal seamstress or tailor to help you achieve the proper fit for you. 
  • Buy on impulse.  As every item is one of a kind in vintage, it may not be there later, so decide and checkout!
  • Always check our Condition Info.  Some vintage items are older, fragile and not in the most pristine condition. We list in the product description the condition of the item so that you are aware of the appearance and condition of the garments and accessories. At TheCC condition is of supreme importance, we look for textiles that have strength and integrity and do not need much mending. All garments have been dry cleaned by us.
  • Send in your questions. We are vintage experts here! We can advise you on the best decade for you, sizing etc. Plus, there’s often a great story that comes with items and we’ll be able to tell you all about it!
  • Take proper care of your vintage garments. Remember your purchase is an awesome investment. Proper care is crucial in maintaining the monetary, aesthetic and historical value. Store and clean your items properly. Use padded hangers for your hanging items and older items store them in boxes.