Style Services

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”- Coco Chanel

Stop looking at your closet everyday, wondering what to put together. TheCC wants you to get excited about Fashion & Style the way we do here at our closet! Want to become a fashion force to be reckoned with? Check out our Styling Services:


  •  Personal Style Consultation
  • The personal style and Image Consultation is an intensive personal analysis that assists the client in defining what makes their beauty unique to the world. This is the first building block to developing an individual personal image and style that truly defines the essence of you! The personal style and Image Consultation can be done in-person or virtual. You are required to fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to the appointment to help assist the stylist in analyzing your lifestyle, goals and objectives, wardrobe needs, and personal likes and dislikes.

  • Color Analysis
  • Color Analysis is the process of determining the colors that enhance your body chemistry and personal makeup; a custom color palette will be created exclusively for you. We will take a look at your complexion, eye color, and hair to accurately determine the exact colors that make your features sing.

  • Closet Purge
  • We take a look into your closet and show you what to save, what to toss, and what items you should simply never wear again. Using a keen eye for personal style, TheCC will make your closet a breeze to weed through. Our goal is to make your closet so navigable, you should be able to pick out something stylish and comfortable with your eyes closed.

  • Outfit Coordination
  • A pair of fresh eyes lends creativity! TheCC shops your existing wardrobe and the stylist will put together current and exciting outfits based on your personal style. By taking your core pieces, we’ll mix and match multiple combinations for complete looks, increasing your wardrobe’s efficiency.

  • Wardrobe Updating
  • Here at TheCC we will maximize your wardrobes by adding the neccessary updates such as the must haves in clothing and accessories to give you the best looks possible.

  • Seasonal Wardrobe Planning
  • Life changes, your body changes and your goals do too. The Sea­sons change as well and your wardrobe needs to keep up. If you have had an ini­tial wardrobe makeover, this is a wardrobe tune-up to help your wardrobe evolve. We can redo your style assess­ment home­work, and refo­cus your wardrobe to mas­ter the upcom­ing sea­son with color and style. We'll give you new ideas and a fresh eye on your wardrobe!

  • Personal Shopping
  • Who doesn't love shopping? Here at TheCC our stylist can tag along with you or you can have the stylist shop for you! Whether you hate shopping or love it, we encourage individuality, distinctiveness, and experimentation to discover your true, unique style. We take the stress out of shopping and create a truly enjoyable experience, navigating you through the different style options.

  • Travel Planning/ Packing
  • Are you planning the trip of your dreams? Going on a quick business trip? Packing is your key to survival when traveling. Here at TheCC we will assist you in picking out the best outfits ahead of time. We want to assist you in the packing process helping you to achieve the most available space possible. Whether your traveling is business or pleasure, leave the packing us. We will plan and pack your entire wardrobe, taking you from day to night according to your destination.

  • Complete Make-over
  • Looking for a fresh start or a brand new you? Here at TheCC our complete makeover consists of all of the services above. You will receive a personal/image consulation, color analysis, hair consulation, make-up consultation, closet purge, outfit coordination and personal shopping. We will assist you in building your style confidence. After we're done, you will be able to put your best fashionable foot forward!

  • Video / TV/ Photo Shoot Styling
  • Here at TheCC our stylist will assist you in successfully styling editorial fashion photo shoots, wedding fashion shoots, as well as product/brand styling. The attention to color palette and design can create the perfect vignette for photographers and videographers to shoot. No matter the scale, we can style your shoot